St Peter's Church Of England (VC) Primary School

Myneer Park, Colchester, Essex CO6 1YU


Staff  June 2017


Teaching Staff



Office staff

Catering staff

Midday Assistants 

Breakfast Club

Site Manager 

EYFS Teachers      Mrs Raz       Ms E Smith     Mrs B Lee

Key Stage 1  Teachers

Year 1/2

Mrs Styles         Miss Bolton        Mrs S Smith     

Key Stage 2  Teachers 

Year 3/4

       Mr Brennen   Ms Macdonald     Mr Williams    Mrs Claydon      

Key Stage 2  Teachers 

Year 5/6

       Mrs Armitage    Mrs Usher    Ms Sage   Mrs Devito  Ms McGivern    Miss Maloney 
SENCo  Mrs Niven   
Additional Teaching support  Mrs Hodgkins     Mrs Turley

Mrs Cobbold          Mrs Enright     Mrs L Osborne       Mrs Aveyard    Mrs Snowling   Mrs Watts  Mrs A Osborne

Teaching Assistants 

   Ms Arthur   Mrs Storey     Mrs Humphreys

Mrs Cordeiro      Mrs Holmes        Mrs Larner     Mrs Roberts     Mrs Danby 
     Mrs Lord       Mrs Page   Mrs Pratchett      Mrs King    Mrs Davis    

   Mrs Rudkins      Miss Gowler

Office Staff  Mrs Johnson     Mrs Williams    Mrs Cordeiro
Catering Staff   Mrs Mayers       Miss Dobinson    Mrs Vaughan     Mrs Street
Midday Assistants  Mrs Edwards     Mrs Danby       Mrs Faulder   Mrs Hockridge    Mrs Humphreys  Mrs Roberts  Mrs Hughes
Breakfast Club Supervisors Mrs Edwards    Mrs King   Mrs Hughes    
Site Manager  Mr Copley


                                              Curriculum Responsibilities 

Ms Macdonald          Deputy Headteacher   History DT  Curriculum Development     Gifted and  More Able.       
Mrs Raz   Team leader  PSHE     Science
Miss Bolton   Team leader  Geography   Global Learning   Phonics 
Miss Smith  Art 
Miss Sage  English 
Mrs  S Smith  RE
Mr Brennen  Team leader  Maths 
Mrs Claydon  PE 
Mr Williams  Computing 
Mrs Usher   Team Leader  Music     
Mrs Armitage   Team leader   French       Learning to learn 
 Ms McGivern  PE  

Awards and Partnerships