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The week beginning 8th July

5 July 2019 (by admin)

Fun and fundraising events

Bake sale – Monday July 8th (after school)
The Netball club will be running a bake sale. Donations of cakes are welcome and can be brought after school or dropped in the office during the day. Cakes will be 50p and £1. Please bring correct change! It will run until supplies dry up.

Sports themed non uniform day 10th July


To celebrate a summer of sports competitions and to raise money for the renewal of playground markings we are going to have a sports themed non uniform day next week on the 10th July. In return for a small contribution, the children can celebrate the Women’s World cup, Wimbledon, the Cricket World cup, the Tour de France or just celebrate their favourite sport.


Ice Lollies and Go-Karting – Wednesday July 10th (after school)
FOSP will be selling ice lollies after school. They are 50p each or £1 for the special adult versions (Mojito and G&T flavoured). 
And - Kids Party Karts will be on hand with go-karts on the playground. It’s £3 a go and you can pay by cash or card. A percentage of profits will go to FOSP for the playground markings.

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