St Peter's Church Of England (VC) Primary School

Myneer Park, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex CO6 1YU



(the list of dates prepared at the beginning of term may be subject to change /

parents will be informed but please feel free to check if you are unsure)

January 2019

3rd and 4th Staff Training days

7th First day of term

24th Parent Forum

25th Class Assembly Olive (CB)

29th Playtime afternoon (EYFS)


February 2019


5th Safer Internet Day

6th Governors Curriculum committee

8th FOSP discos

11th Year 5/6 trip to Layer Marney towers

12th Parent Share drop in session (2.45pm)

13th Playtime afternoon

15th Class Assembly Pine (AC/JG)


18th-22nd Half term


26th Playtime Afternoon

27th Governors Resources committee

28th Parents information evening –Phonics and SATS (


March 2019 


7th World Book day

14th Year 5 Primary Learning Day at Honywood

18th Parent Share Drop in session (2.45)

15th Class Assembly Cherry (JB)

25th, 26th 28th FOSP Mother’s Day stalls

26th Playtime afternoon

27th Full Governing Body Meeting

29th Reports out to parents


  April 2019


2nd Parents Evening (5-8.00)

3rd 4th year 3 /4 Easter celebration performance for parents

3rd Parents Evening (3.30-5.30)

5th End of term



Awards and Partnerships