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Notes from parent forum, 8 February 2017

Mrs Cole and Ms Macdonald presented to parents about how to support children’s learning at home.

The school website is a hub for information about all aspects of learning. The curriculum tab will take you to information specific to early years, KS1 and KS2, and also has resources for reading, English and maths. So if your child can’t quite remember what that fronted adverbial is, and you’re not sure either, that’s where to look!

More resources specific to our school are on the virtual learning environment part of the site – the VLE – including:

  • Termly curriculum plans
  • Home learning tasks
  • Photographs

To log in to the VLE, usernames are the child’s first name followed by surname, all lower case, no spaces, and the password is the initial of the child’s first and last name followed by the two numbers which relate to their class year group. So if I were in year 1, my username would be gillianromano-critchley and my password gr12.

The presentation, with lots of great ideas about how to help your child at home, is on the website below:

Did you know that there is a homework club in school? If your child would like to work at lunchtime instead of (or as well as) at home, Mrs Cole and Mrs Armitage run a drop-in club Mondays to which children can choose to come along; they don't need to book, just turn up. Mrs Cole’s club is so popular, apparently, one child made up her own homework to bring along!

In general questions, the following came up:

  • School will look at running a maths session for year 2 parents with questions specific to the upcoming SATs.
  • School would like children to hand in homework that has been done with care and over a reasonable length of time. Parents aren’t expected to battle for hours with a reluctant child – but would like us to encourage our children to hand in work they are proud of. Parents who are finding it difficult should speak to the class teacher.
  • The VLE is a ‘work in progress’, and comments about the need for better signposting – so that parents can find information they are being directed to – will be passed on to teachers.
  • Suggested reading lists would be helpful – and HM (English governor) will let school have suggestions for books from the Teach Primary New Children's Fiction Awards.
  • Mr Brennen (the maths lead) is reviewing the way maths homework is set in year 4 – including whether the half-termly approach is working. He’s looking at the possibility of reintroducing My Maths for online homework.
  • Children are encouraged to hand in home learning by the set day – good practice for when they progress to secondary school!
  • Is there a better way to organise carpet time in years 1 and 2? Mrs Cole will speak to the teachers about this. Is there another way to deliver whole class teaching? Could some of the year 2s sit on chairs to free up space on the carpet?
  • School has been required by the Local Authority to take extra children into year 2, and one of the year 1/2 classes has 32 children. It is unusual to go over 30 in KS1 classes. Parents asked whether that class was sufficiently well supported. Mrs Cole explained that the team decides how best to deploy TA support. KS1 also has a student teacher which is helpful to allow some teaching to be by year group.
  • Mrs Turley, the specialist maths teacher, is available to see parents by appointment every morning until 9.15.
  • Could school provide more opportunities for KS1 and KS2 to mix at playtimes? This is easy in the summer when children go on the field, but less so when children are in their own playgrounds.
  • Year 2 children will be sitting the optional spelling test, and results will be given to parents. Results won’t be made public.
  • Children are reminded about lunchtime clubs in a variety of ways – for example Ms Macdonald sends a runner to remind about School Council, MDAs are told, and some teachers parade through the dinner hall reminding children as they go!
  • A new ukulele teacher has been found and will start working with class SM/AC after half term.
  • Monday morning is now ACE assembly. Children share their work with the school, in an assembly led by Ms Macdonald. Teachers and TAs spend the time sharing their planning and preparing for the week.
  • Mrs Cole will remind staff about punctuality at the end of the school day in her next staff briefing!


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