St Peter's Church Of England (VC) Primary School

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School Council


School Council 2016 – 2017


29th March 2017


 This week the School Council celebrated the success of the Red Nose day fundraising. They also discussed games and activities for lunchtimes with the sports coaches, and they collected the questionnaire for the Coggeshall 'Big Park' project which are going to be completed in classes before the next meeting.



1st March 2017

This week in School Council we have been asked to discuss what we would like to do for Comic Relief. The children have come up with a few ideas:

-red non-uniform day for a donation

-sponsored joke telling

-sell red noses/bands

-cake sale (red)

-mad hair day



The children will now take these ideas back to their classes to decide which events they would like to hold on 24th March.

Next week we will be collating the final data from the ACE questionnaires.




11th January 2017

This week in School Council we have elected a new chairperson for each key stage. Well done to Frank and Archie. Before Christmas we wrote a quiz to sell at the fayre. We raised a total of £68. The councillors are going to discuss with their class what they would like to do with the money and bring their ideas and suggestions to the next meeting.

We also talked about our school visions and values, A.C.E. School Council have designed a short questionnaire for their peers to complete to say why our school is ‘A.C.E’ and what A.C.E means to us.



Well done for the organisation and help with the cake sale.  We raised a huge £274 to be split between Children in Need and Buhumba.


As Christmas is coming up it was suggested a while a go by Oliver that we hold a fundraising quiz.  After discussions we decided that we would make a Christmas quiz to sell at the school fayre next week. The children have each written questions.  Mrs Claydon to type up and sell with the children at the fayre for £1 each.


The children looked at a range of future playground ideas and voted on their favourite option.





12th October 2016

This week in School Council we have discussed potential fund raising ideas and possible charities that we would like to raise the money for.  The children had some fantastic ideas and we decided that we would like to have a cake sale after half term.  At the next meeting we will confirm who we are raising the money for.


14th September 2016

At this week’s meeting we have welcomed our newly elected School Councillors to represent the children of our school.  Their first job was to allocate roles. We then came up with a list of rules.  Finally we discussed class names.

The children discussed in their class groups possible categories.  We then decided on the most popular.  From this we had a vote and decided on two categories, Disney characters and fruits.  After a lot of discussion our Chair Person made the final decision to have fruits as our class names.  The children then talked in their School Council pairs and decided the name for their class.

EYFS- Mulberry

CB- Blackberry

SS- Strawberry


SM/AC- Cherry

SB- Blueberry

MW- Watermelon



LS/AD-Sugar Apple



School Council members  2016-2017

Year 1

Year 2










Year 3

Year 4









Carrie & Frank

Year 5

Year 6




















St Peter’s C of E Voluntary Controlled Primary School

School Council 2015 – 2016

12th May 2016

This week in School Council we have confirmed all arrangements for the Queen’s birthday picnic.

The children were also keen to discuss future fund raising ideas.  This is what they decided:

Fundraising Ideas

Bake off competition then sell the cakes at the end of the day.

Toy sale/ bring and buy sale

Book sale

Sponsored walk

Non-uniform day (wear pyjamas to school)

Sponsored run/races

Car wash

Organised water fight for a fee


Who could we raise the money for?


School funds

-play equipment

-adventure playground

-woodwork club



Cancer Research

Unicef-helping refugees

Alopecia UK

Act for wild

27th April 2016

This week in School Council we discussed further the arrangements for the Queen’s birthday picnic.  The children had spoken with their class to decide a game that they would like to play after the picnic.  Also the kitchen staff have kindly agreed to make us a Union Jack cake to celebrate the occasion and Mrs Usher has offered to organise the music.


We then discussed how we can improve lunch time provision.  The children are keen to zone the playground with different activities. These included:

  • Board games
  • Benches to sit on in the woods
  • Drawing/writing in patio area
  • Friendship bench-more visible than friendship stops
  • New adventure playground
  • Zone the playground with a different sport/ball game each day.

At the next meeting we will discuss potential fund raising ideas.

School Council Update-13th April

The Queen’s 90th Birthday.

The children came together to finalise their ideas to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. Here are our decisions:


  • A whole school picnic on the field
  • All children to wear union jack colours.
  • Junior competition- make a crown or tiara (on the morning of the picnic).
  • Infant competition- best dressed teddy bear (on the morning of the picnic).
  • Each class to organise a traditional game.  Children to take part and rotate around the field after the picnic if they choose to. 

During our next meeting we are going to discuss how to improve provision during lunch time.  We are also meeting with representatives from the Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan to discuss what makes our market town special for children.


School Council News Report

10th March 2016


Today in School Council we discussed how we could further improve the corridors by keeping it tidy.  Pupils suggested that PE kit could be kept in boxes like those used in ES/AC class.  They also suggested monitors could tidy up more!


We then discussed how the dinner hall could be improved. The children really liked the introduction of ‘real’ plates and bowls.  They suggested that perhaps we could buy new fold up tables.  Practically, they suggested that the cooks might speed up serving food by having some dinners already dished up like in shops or give all children the same meal (like Christmas dinner day) and you decide whether to eat it or not.


Finally we discussed how St Peter’s should celebrate The Queen’s 90th Birthday. Here are our suggestions to be shared with each class:


  • Dress up a teddy bear day to raise money for a charity
  • Teddy bears picnic in red white and blue-invite parents to the picnic
  • Each class to produce a commemorative hoop to decorate the hall (like Christmas) one for each decade the Queen has been alive (+2 more)
  • Invite some elderly people to celebrate with us such as Open the Bible team as special guests tour picnic
  • Decorate or make a crown or tiara-could have a competition
  • Queen related crafts
  • A royal bake off competition
  • Whole school Union Jack giant cake-ask the kitchen staff if they would please make one


We will now share our ideas with the school and choose our favourite ones to celebrate this historic occasion.

School Council News Report


This week’s meeting looked at ‘Safety in School’.  We were asked to gather ideas from the children’s perspective if they felt safe in school.  This generated lots of discussion in the School Council.  What did we mean by safety?  Did we mean using scissors or tools?  Did we mean if people were bullied?  Did we mean school equipment needed repairing?  Who would you turn to in school if you did not feel safe?

After discussion the School Council worked in year groups to create questionnaires to ask the school’s opinions about safety in our school.  We will look at the responses at the next meeting with much interest!


14th October 2015

  • In our School Council Meeting this week we discussed the importance of having the time and opportunity to feedback and gather the opinions of our classmates. It has been decided that the ideal time to do this would be straight after the meeting on a Wednesday before Mental Maths time.
  • We discussed the roles of the school council members and decided upon the roles different people would have; where possible pupils from different key stages have been linked to co-lead. The roles (at present, as they will rotate giving everyone a chance to experience a different role) are as follows:

Chair People- Kirsty and Alfie

Vice-Chair people- Amelie and Scarlett

Secretaries- Olivia and Bethany

Publicity- Emily, Hedley and Dominic

Fundraisers- Jonny, George, Harvey, Joe and Bobby.


Mrs  Armitage



This week’s meeting looked at potential fundraising ideas.  This had been discussed in some of the classes and the School Council decided that they wanted to raise money for Cancer Research.  As some pupils were on a visit to Honywood School, the School Council agreed to discuss roles and responsibilities at the next meeting.  This would link with fundraising jobs for our future ‘Bring and Buy Sale’ to raise money for Cancer Research. We also discussed the possibility of running a book swap day and a PJ day.

The council also discussed use of equipment during lunchtime. Year 6 representatives will talk to MDAs and see how it can be improved

The future of the junior playground was also raised and this will be further discussed with Mrs Cole.

Ms Macdonald 



A school council is a representative group of pupils elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues with the senior managers and governors of their school. The school council can also take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of their peers, and be involved in strategic planning and processes such as the School Development Plan, governing body meetings and representing the pupils’ voice to outside visitors.

School councils can help children and young people to:

  • enjoy and feel empowered by their education;
  • feel that their school responds to their needs;
  • have the opportunity to let adults know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them;
  • have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making their school a better place;
  • develop active life skills through participating.


The process

Each representative stood for election on Wednesday 9th September.  Each candidate had to complete an application form explaining why they felt they were suited to represent their class on the council.  They then had to present this information to the class and take questions from the floor.  We were very pleased with the large amount of candidates and the quality of their presentations and then ensuing thoughtful debates.  All the candidates’ names were added to the full voting register.  On Election Day, every pupil was given their unique voting number and then directed to purpose-built private voting booths where they voted for one representative from each year group in their class.  The children got to experience democracy in action and the chance to vote like their parents do.  After all votes were cast and counted, a special Election Assembly was held.  The lucky candidates were announced and presented with certificates and badges.



The meetings

The School Council intends to meet fortnightly.  Our first meeting was held today and the pupils agreed the founding rules of the Council.  They were asked to contribute ideas for this year’s class names.  In previous years we have named our classes after precious jewels and animals.  After much debate, the Council have decided to use colours for class names.  Their job now is to gather thoughts and suggestions for fund raising and roles and responsibilities to be raised at the next meeting.  We will keep you informed.



 The Representatives 



 School Council Members


SM         JR    

Reception Unit                              Gold          











































           We raised money to help rebuild schools in Nepal after the earthquake 

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