St Peter's Church Of England (VC) Primary School

Myneer Park, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex CO6 1YU


Staff  September 2019


Teaching Staff



Office staff

Catering staff

Midday Assistants 

Breakfast and After School Club

Site Manager 

EYFS Teachers  Mrs Raz      Ms E Smith     

Key Stage 1  Teachers

Year 1/2

Mr Robertson          Miss Bolton        Mrs Brooker     

Key Stage 2  Teachers 

Year 3/4

Mr Brennen   Dr Gardner     Mrs Claydon/Mrs Stimson          

Key Stage 2  Teachers 

Year 5/6

Mrs Armitage        Mrs Sullivan/ Mrs Devito      Mrs Styles/Mrs Turley 
SENCo  Mrs Niven   

Mrs Cobbold          Mrs Enright     Mrs L Osborne       Mrs Carter      Mrs Watts  Mrs A Osborne

Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Storey     Mrs Humphreys  Mrs Snowling

Mrs Cordeiro          Mrs Larner        Mrs Danby 
Mrs Page   Mrs Pratchett       Mrs Davis    

Mrs Rudkins    Mrs Street  Mr Addison  Miss Mills  Mr Hume  Mr Cranmer

Office Staff  Mrs Johnson     Mrs Williams    Mrs Cordeiro
Catering Staff         Ms Frid     MS Johnson
Midday Assistants 

          Mrs Faulder   Mrs Hockridge    Mrs King   Mrs Hughes

Ms McGrory  Mrs Snowling Mrs Jackson

Breakfast and After School Club Supervisors Mrs Edwards    Mrs King   Mrs Hughes     
Site Manager  Mr Copley


Curriculum responsibilities

Maths leader -Mrs Brennen

English leader -Mrs Styles 

For the other areas of the curriculum we have curriculum teams who meet together to monitor together to ensure coverage and progression.  This is in line with our cross curricular theme based approach to learning. This also ensures that teachers will develop their expertise across a range of subjects. 

Awards and Partnerships