St Peter's Church Of England (VC) Primary School and Pre-school

Myneer Park, Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex CO6 1YU


New entrants September 2021

Welcome to Mulberry Class!!  We will be adding information to this page over the next few weeks!  We hope you find it useful before your child starts school in September.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Autumn Term 1 - Medium term plan & Knowledge Organiser

In EYFS we enjoy teaching and learning in a creative and imaginative way.  We often use the children's interests and ideas, and are flexible in the direction the topic leads us!  The children often surprise us with their ideas!! 

Each half term, we have a different learning focus which usually begins with a question.  For this first half term, our learning question is - 'Who Am I?'  We will be talking about ourselves, our family and our home and what our favourite things are.  We will look at the seasonal changes and explore the signs of Autumn.

Below you will find our medium term plan, which shows what we will be covering in each of the early years areas.  Also, a knowledge organiser, with ideas to support your child at home, such as questions, discussions and activities!  We hope you find these useful in knowing what your child will be doing at school.  We are always looking for ways in which we can enhance our teaching and the children's learning.  If you feel you could support in anyway, from donations of topic related items to making raised beds, or from sewing to talking about your job, we welcome your support!!! We're sure you have many hidden talents and skills!!!

Are you ready for school?  Some tips and information to prepare you and your child for school!

Below is the PowerPoint presentation from the Welcome meeting - Thursday 24th June 

Awards and Partnerships