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Maths update

From September 2014 the school has been following the new 2014 National Curriculum. Below is an outline of the key changes in the curriculum, and we will be running Maths workshops throughout the year to deliver more detail, but meanwhile, we are happy to attach information about the new maths curriculum 2014, including a glossary of technical terms.

What are the key changes in this new curriculum?

It goes further than the previous curriculum. There is quite a lot of new content which, up until now, has been regarded as the province of Key Stage 3 maths. This includes long division at Year 6, and increasingly complex understanding of fractions and decimals.

Practice is key! The aims state that it is imperative to keep key maths fundamentals, such as times tables and number bonds, "on the boil" through varied and repeated practice in order that children can solve progressively complex problems.

There is a renewed emphasis on problem solving. There is a particular emphasis on multi-step problems and lots of emphasis on money and time.

The Teaching of Maths at St. Peter’s Primary School.

The school has purchased the New Abacus Maths Scheme which has been designed and written to deliver the new curriculum in a progressive and developmental way, building on skills and concepts each year. The scheme, which is highly regarded by our local maths advisor in Essex, provides each teacher with an amazing wealth of resources in the form of interactive whiteboard games and activities, text books and online problems and exercises. The children  also have their own personal log-in to Abacus At Home, where they will find online homework activities which match and consolidate the concepts learnt at school.

Each teacher in each year group will use and adapt the scheme to suit their children’s needs. There is still a strong emphasis on differentiation between groups and individuals and children are given the chance to extend their understanding where necessary, and to obtain extra support or help if appropriate. We still maintain a strong emphasis on using practical apparatus to support the children’s learning of maths to suit their level of attainment. Children are still taught and tested on their knowledge of the times tables; these facts underpin much of their mathematical learning at primary school.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our Maths parents’ workshops, when you will be able to learn more about the new curriculum and how we are delivering it to your children.

Kind regards,

Subject Leader for Maths.





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